If you are a professional seeking a change and are unsure of interviewing preparation and etiquette, contact us today to discuss the different tools and training we provide to assist you in your search success.

Hiring general though executive level management or corporate staff is an investment in your business. Acquiring the right talent for your company will ensure your company’s continued success; that means hiring the right people, with the right skills, at the right time.

All too often companies do not utilize available tools to assess potential talent. Hiring talent is much more than “Tell me about yourself.” and “Why should we hire you?” Performance and Behavior-Based Interviewing provides company recruiters and hiring managers with the resources and skills they need to hire and retain top talent.


Performance and Behavior-Based interviewing will:

• Enhance and improve company recruiter’s and hiring managers’ interviewing skills to make the right hiring decisions.
• Focus interviewers from straying off course and asking invalid or illegal questions.
• Ensure consistency in the interview process by incorporating set questions pertaining to the position.
• Identify and utilize performance based questions that identify skills and characteristics needed for success in the position.
• Improve hiring and retention by selecting people who are engaged, have the skills, goals and philosophies that match your company.
• Eliminate candidate embellishment of skills.
• Leave candidates with a positive, professional impression of your company.

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