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Smart organizations select, hire, develop and retain the right people and put them in the right positions.

DISC Profile Assessments

(DISC) can help you enhance communication and build strong teams that produce powerful results.

Can you imagine a work environment where every employee is matched perfectly with a job that fits their strengths and motivation?  With DISC Behavioral Assessments you can make that dream a reality!

Job Benchmarking is a process hiring professionals use to identify potential top performers based on facts gathered through validated instruments.  A benchmark can be created based on an ideal behavioral style of a position or the behavioral and attitudes style of top performers versus bottom performers. This information can make the selection process more accurate and cost effective.

When benchmarking the ideal behavioral style for a position, use DISC Behavioral Assessments (DISC) for both top and bottom performers.  In addition to giving you excellent insights during interviews and for employee development, benchmarking your positions for hiring purposes will reduce turnover, employee development costs and expensive hiring mistakes.

DISC measures the four primary dimensions of behavior and identifies an individual's:

  • Value to the organization
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Work characteristics
  • Communication style
  • Plus, our executive, management and sales profiles measure specific behavioural indicators -- such as delegation, follow-through, prospecting and many more - necessary for success in these specialized roles.

We proudly offer the Managing For Success and Success Insights families of DISC assessments -- the most thoroughly researched and most reliable DISC reports on the market.  Each report provides detailed feedback about an individual's behavioural style -- a person's natural and adapted way of behaving in work and life situations.

Plus, we've completely automated the assessment process by making them available through the Internet.

  • Fast Access 24/7
  • Immediate Report Delivery via E-mail
  • Low Administrative Time and Cost
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Volume Discounts
  • You're in Control!

Our goal is to help both your company and your employees win.  By assessing jobs and comparing people, any organization can create a win-win!

DISC is an investment in your company's success:

  • Effectively screen job candidates and hire the right employees.
  • Recognize an employee's value to the company or organization.
  • Learn strategies for communicating effectively to get the results you want.
  • Understand what motivates you, your employees, your clients -- and how each of you responds to workplace problems and life challenges.
  • Create powerful action plans and employee development strategies with the help of DISC...it's also a terrific tool to serve as a springboard to mentoring, coaching, and management development programs!
If you need help deciding which tool is right for you or are interested in taking a free sample, e-mail us or complete the form here.

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